Conservatives are Going Commie

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NEO-COMMIES? - The Repulicommies must be stopped in the name of Tailgunner Joe!!

NEO-COMMIES? - The Repulicommies must be stopped in the name of Tailgunner Joe!

The American right has a problem with the concept that Nazism is an extreme right-wing position and communism is an extreme left one, often leading them to claim Obama is both. (Note to Wing Nuts: Man up, pick the correct epithet, and stick with it will ya?)

Given this confusion, it isn’t surprising the party of the elephant that forgets everything has apparently gone so far right it’s preferred policies are now simpatico with some well-known leftist countries.

For proof of this 379 degree ideological turn, consider this:

With conservatives embracing so many communist positions, I’m worried for my country. What’s next, Mitch McConnell coming out in support of healthcare reform? Michael Steele quiting the Republicans to lead the Wobblies? Sarah Palin changing her school-marm do? It makes me question their patriotism and I’m left with only one shocking question.

Conservatives, as budding communists why do you hate America so much?

8 thoughts on “Conservatives are Going Commie

  1. Craig,
    I wrote this as tongue-in-cheek, but I apparently bit my tongue off in the process. The point to the post, if there is one, is to show that ideology doesn’t run on rails like a train. It falls of the tracks as often as not.

    And thanks for the kind words about Dad and my sympathies go out to you as well.

  2. By the way, I was sorry to read of your father’s death. My mom died about 14 months ago. I still miss her. Take care, Omni!

  3. The godless commie mayor of Moscow agrees with Pat Robertson that holding a gay parade is a “satanic act“.

    I think the more germane point here is not that Yury Kuzhkov is a communist — Mr. Kuzhkov is an odd sort of communist, at least by pre break-up standards* — but that he is a devout Christian and traditionalist conservative. Obviously traditionalist conservative in the context of what was not all that long ago the communist Soviet Union is something different than those terms suggest within the United States of America today. Nevertheless, a traditionalist conservative Christian there is likely to be as anti gay rights as a traditionalist conservative Christian here. My point, here, is that I see nothing strange at all about both Yury and Pat coming to similar conclusions about gay rights; it’s not about right-left — by the way, United Russia considers itself a centrist party to begin with and Yury, being a self-described traditionalist Christian, is likely to be found to the right of center at least on cultural issues — but rather about traditional religious values. That’s just my take on this, of course.

    * Given that pre break-up Communism was officially atheistic and anti-Christian in both principle and practice. Current United Russia Party platform, while communistic, is not of the far-left, revolutionary sort.

    Likewise, to a certain degree, the China thing you linked. From the linked article:

    “It totally has to do with moral standards and culture,” said contestant Emilio Liu, 26. “If most people can’t accept it, then the government won’t let it happen.”

    Chinese culture, I think, tends to be quite traditional, long antedating the revolution and communism in the country. Assuming that Liu’s take is correct, then this was not about communism or even particularly about left-right politically but rather about traditional moral standards.

    Likewise with detention and torture: these are not positions that have anything to do with right-left political ideology, in my opinion. They are, rather, means to an end that might be used by anyone of any political persuasion if that means seems likely to achieve an end deemed important enough and if other means are deemed unlikely to achieve that end.

    In short, then, I think none of these particular examples has much if anything to do with far left-far right politics.

    On the other hand, there may be something to the observation that the left-right spectrum is not a straight line but a circle such that if one goes far enough in either direction, the left and the right end up appearing almost indistinguishable in important ways so I could be wrong about my above points.

  4. You must learn to discard your satirical melancholy and embrace the true essence of comic theatre that is the American landscape and laugh without control, grasshopper. Or just do what I do and watch basketball instead.

  5. Dave,
    Correct-a-mundo. If they’re not careful they’ll pass 379 degrees and go all the way around 379 more to be facist. Toough trick they’re pulling off there.

    Unfortunately, politics and humor do come together way to often. Even when it is true satire, it’s a melancholy sort of satire.

  6. I see you tagged this under humor and politics, normally I would say it would be impossible that the two categories could meet under the same umbrella without being satire. Truth is stranger than fiction.

  7. “Conservatives, as budding communists why do you hate America so much?”

    They hate us for our freedoms, of course.
    What you’re saying is that they’ve gone so far to the right that they’ve come around to the far left again.

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