Randomness: Religion Style

And Unto Diana the Lord Spoke – Sure it’s in bad taste, but I’m all about leaving a nasty film in your mouth.

Can’t Tell the Players Without a Scorecard! – If only they’d had this chart in Sunday school I might not be an atheist today.

So Sayeth the Prophet Pat (Robertson) – Now introducing…the Energizer Bunnies of Hate! (H/T to Hedonistic Pleasureseeker)

Hef’s New Main Squeeze – Wow, I’m really surprised this caused a controversy. Who coulda’ known?

Dancing with the Heathen – Yeah, no dancing dammit! Go bash some gays or something holy!

Everyone’s Least Favorite Dessert – There’s more in them Cheesecake Factory cheesecakes than cheese. You betcha.

When Pop Culture Poops Out – Who can forget the Clinton Underwear Inquisitor or Fawn Hall? (NSFW on other parts of the site)

DON’T CLICK THE LINK! – See, now we told you not to.

Now Listen This Time!DON’T CLICK THE LINK! You’re a slow learner, aren’t you?

Terrorist Deer – After all the talk of the moose huntin’ soccer mom, the wildlife has decided to strike back.

Judge Pisses on the Law –  It turns out the guy was pissing in his face at the time of the test.

Willy Wanker – Beware the “cream sauce” and the Balls Flambe.

In Other Food NewsBone appetite.

Bomb Fall, Go Boom – Depending on the location chosen, there’s a certain perverse satisfaction to this game.

Ick – I’m never smearing bacon grease on my monitor again.

I’ll Have Root Beer Please – Apparently, it’s a highly effective energy drink.

Advanced Degrees Here – “She’s pretty, has a great personality, and is really brainy. She’d be a great date.” (Semi-NSFW)

All Tied Up – The beauty! The artistry! The breathtaking…um…well…

They Don’t Know Shit from Shine-ola – Still, it’s better tasting than the Super Colon Blow with chocolate chunks.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Bomb Starbucks – Just lay the demitasse cup down and step away from the espresso.

McGuyver, Eat Your Heart Out! – She just loves a man who’s good with his hands. It’s a skill that comes in really handy for a nice dinner drink around the fire.

Time Heals All Wounds – But it’s not a wound you frickin’ moron! It can? really?! Oh, I stand corrected then.

After All, Homeland Security Was a Bush Invention – I thought the one where they were going to let the guy carrying dynamite go through as long as he turned it on to prove it was safe was dumber.

We Apologize Beforehand – “Raindrops keep fallin’ in my head…”

Mark Your Calendar – I’m willing to give big to help the cause of world peace.

The Horror…The Horror – “Hey, who’re you callin’ a pootiehead?! Put my kids tickets down before I rip yer head off!”

Sticking Point – As long as he sticks to shanking the mimes, I’m all for it.

Just Another Normal DayBaron Munchhausen I presume?

The Breakup Song – That’s the trouble with women – talk, talk, talk. Just get it over with!

She3PO – Dude, you really need to get away from the computer lab a little more often.

Oops! – Here’s hoping the prop man has a really good alibi.

Ooo La La, Those Clever French – What’s next, heat from baguettes?

Seems Plausible to Me – Of course, so does claiming aliens de-pantsed him. But, who am I to quibble?

:-( – This guy’s a real ).(

Spuds-a-Poppin’ – What are the odds that people thousands of miles apart can truly appreciate our friend the humble spud?

Ho, Ho, HoOh, oh, oh.

Search: Barack Obama –  Now, for that truly African-American browsing experience

Not So Smooth Criminal – Wow, after all these years he still makes a strong play to top himself.

Obligatory Japanese Post No. 1 – “Brows on brows off, the Clapper!” (Semi-NSFW)

Obligatory Japanese Post No. 2 – Music to soothe the savage underpants?

Obligatory Japanese Post No. 3 – “Mr. Sand Man, draw me a dream…”

Obligatory Japanese Post No. 4 –  Straight from the mean streets of Nagoya, EmmCee Fitty Yen.



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