Random Acts of Weirdness

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Well That Explains A Lot – I’ve asked myself time and time again how the hell the Crawford Crapweasel could get elected – TWICE! Now it appears there is a scientifically verifiable answer.

Somebody’s Been in the Radiation Container Again – I think seeing this is what prompted the Religious Right to work out that whole Creationism thing. I guess they figured Darwinism was just too scary.

Have a Nice Day – I think this guy had a bad experience with the Walmart smiley face.

Not Your Kid’s Stuffed Animal – You saw them on CSI, now delve into the crazy world of “The Furries“.

What’s the Buzz? – Somehow this is oddly compelling, but for the life of me, I have no idea why.

Hitler Was a Big Fat Pootiehead – Bed wetter, drug addict, and man with a single gonad. As Adolph and Shrub show, you really don’t have to have much goin’ for you to become the consummate dictator.

Go Slugs!The mascot for the University of California at Santa Cruz is a banana slug, yet he doesn’t show up anywhere on this list. Odd, but true.

Is This Chicken of the Sea? – Apparently Jessica Simpson knows as much about dating a she does about canned tuna. Behold as the light over her head comes on.

Pet Rock Redux – Sticks and stones can break my bones, but not if they’re really soft and expensive.

It’s a Bitch Getting Older – Now I know what they all do down at Kryptonite Kabin, the assisted living home for super heroes.

Blonde Ambition – It must be a bitch to take the drapes to Supercuts to have them hemmed. And if that’s not hairy enough, try this or this on for size.

Take That You Evil Troll! – Video games are apparently not as relaxing as some people think.

OH NO! Mikey Feel in the Toilet Again! – It’s hell trying to clean up a rug rat who’s been on the toilet floor, just ask Ubermilf Britney Spears.

Home on the Range – Home, home on the raaaaaange, where the aardvark and jackalope plaaaaaay!

Spyin’ on You – So this is how Robert Gates got picked for CIA Director.

The Facts of Life – The folks at Planned Parenthood have chipped in to develop a sex guide (NSFW) that even asshat virgin evangelicals can understand.

The F-Word – We got yer L-Words, N-Words, and F-Words (NSFW).

Random Acts of Destruction – Anime. Bicycles. Cars. What could go wrong?

The Case for AnorexiaWatching these people is just enough to make you lose your lunch.

The Pants Whisperer – Somehow, this (NSFW) just makes me all tingly down there.

Hunka, Hunka, Creamy ChocolateElvis sighted in Hershey, PA!

In the NAAAAAVEEEE, In the NAAAAAVEEEE! – Put another swabbie on the barbie mate!

Stuffin’ It – Is that a sock in your pocket or are you just glad to see her?

Land of the Waking UglyZombie discrimination, film at 11!

Did the Earth Move for You? – “A commotion of grunts and squeaks, flashing unconnected images and explosions of a million little particles.”

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