Random Droppings

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All the Way From Jellystone Park – In the gay world, a “Bear” is a significant other with…well…um…lot’s of hair. That being said, I’m not sure what the Pentagon’s approach to this new bear will be.

New Sport Takes Nation by Storm: Film in Six Months – It may not have the heady pace of watching grass grow. It doesn’t have the trendy urban space appeal of watching paint dry. But still, you gotta love these guys.

On the Whole, I’d Rather Be in Philadelphia – It seems the City of Brotherly Love finds it difficult to let go of those beloved brothers when the time comes to shuffle off this mortal coil. W.C., eat your heart out!

Look at the Pretty Colors Man! – You start with a drawing that looks a bit like Donnie Rumsfeld, add a little acid, and viola! – you have a picture that looks like Donnie Rumsfeld on a camping trip. I don’t see what Timothy Leary was so excited about.

And They Make a Damned Fine Sausage Too – Uber-Hunter, Ted Nugent, must be pissing his pants. First, you got the jackalopes. Then, you got the yeties. But, these things? You can actually eat what you kill!

It Seems a Bit Impractical to Me (NSFW)Blue Gal just advises, “If he were my Bush, I’d just shave him off.” These people? I think they’re going the opposite direction.

Aw, Come-On! – Sure, it’s sophomoric and childish, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.

At Least Elena Bobbit Wasn’t the Surgeon – Chinese guy. Malfunctioning plumbing. Surgery. Let’s have some fun!

I’ve GOT to Get Me One of These – And they even have a Keith Olbermann autographed model!

I Guess This Guy Would Be a Semi-Bear With a Kicky Top – Just another 40 Year-Old Virgin.

Noooooo!This guy should be executed!

Psst. Hey Vince! I SAID HEY VINCE! – I guess he didn’t hear me. Some kids love their GI Joe’s, but others embrace their more artistic sides.

9 thoughts on “Random Droppings

  1. TJ,
    She’s the current Celebrity Chef du Jour, excdept she isn’t a chef and she now has a talk show to go with her 65 programs on the Food Network, her signatire line of kitchen utensils, 6578 cookbooks, and apparently her endorsements for sports bras.

    I can’t hold a pencil now, but it isn’t because of the drugs.

    I don’t find it. It finds me.

    Cringe indeed.

    I got the tree all picked out. Do you have some rope?

  2. He painted the freakin’ engine? Jesus… you’re right. He should be executed.

    But the pube fashion show was entertaining none-the-less.

  3. I’m all for art cars…. but WHY did they do THAT to a CORVETTE?!?!?!

    People like that give artists a bad name.


  4. WHERE do you find this stuff? I guess since you are the Omnipotent One time isn’t a factor for you…you probably wave a magic want and it all appears…poof…I wish I had that talent. You do find some interesting things!

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