News From the Front Office

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Just a short note from the front office here at Omnipotent Poobah Omnimedia Intergalactic Headquarters about Poobah doings:

  • Stop by Bring It On to see my bi-weekly feature rant on the Lebanese crisis in Thursday’s Edition (available after 1 am, EDT). I tried to suck some humor juice from a bad situation going south, but it was an uphill battle. They’re a lively bunch over there, so don’t be afraid to jump in with the comments, especially if Sandy the Troll turns up (you’ll know her if you read her).
  • I’ll be missing in action from July 22-30 for a visit with the Omnipotent Dad at the ancestral plantation in Chesapeake, Virginia. I know some of you will wither without your daily fix of snarkiness, so I’ll try to get back up and running as soon as possible after my return.
  • In a bit of shameless self-promotion, I’m pleased to announce the Poobah’s place passed the 15,000 mark last week. I owe it all to you and a few additional people I sucker in from other places – and they say you can’t fool people.
  • I’m planning a regular post for Friday unless something unforeseen happens, so remember not to bail quite yet.

So while I’m gone, play nice, be safe, and stop poking the other kids in the eye with a stick. You could hurt someone.


8 thoughts on “News From the Front Office

  1. BG,
    It’s good to know someone will be on guard :-).

    As for the theiving memecreant. If it was me, I’d probably just laugh. Since I consider memes to be the scourge of the blogosphere I figure that asshat has only damaged himself and that’s punishment enough.

  2. I have a six inch ruler if there are any wingnut pissing contests over at BIO, Poobah. BTW, what do I do when someone takes one of my posts where I ask a hypothetical question, and says, OOOH! That would make a great MEME! Can I borrow changeseeker’s stick? Please?

    Congrats on the 15K and keep on blogging.

  3. Mary,
    The status are like my hobby. The blog is my passion.

    Ok, YOU get special dispensation to poke the other kids with a stick. But I’m warning you…if someone loses an eye, I don’t want to hear about it.

    I grew up there and I have to say I don’t miss the climate one bit. To hot and humid to breathe in the summer and just cold enough to be wet and miserable in the winter without the redeeming feature of a little snow.

    Yeah, hits not money. I did one of those “How Much is Your Blog Worth” dealies at Technorati and if my blog was really worth that much, I’d quick the day job in a heartbeat.

    Keep trucking to 20K. You have a few months on me, but I’ll race ya.

    The Omnipotent Dad lives a few blocks away from the dismal swamp. They don’t call it dismal for nothing.

    Today’s post at BIO started a nice little flame war with a few wingnuts. Feel free to break any ceasefires and weigh in.

  4. I love Chesepeake VA..its beautiful there. I will miss you dear Poobie..have a good time and come back refreshed and ready to roll. 🙂

  5. Congrats on the 15 Grand! Oh… oh, that was site hits. I thought money.. {-;

    I’m inchin’ up on 20,000 since Jan ’05 but have a feelin’ you’ll be passing me soonish oh Poobah. Enjoy!

  6. Virginia is nice this time of year (if you have A/C that is). It will probably rain on you a lot, though.

  7. Have a good time in Virginia. I’ll try to drop in over at Bring It On! some time, but my daily blog rounds are demanding enough as it is. I call it “checking the traps” and can’t imagine what I did with my life BB (before blogging).

    Do we have to play nice? (she whined).

  8. I read Bring It On, here and there, but haven’t really commneted yet. Poor demented Sandy. Hooray for you on the vacation in Virginia and Congrats on the stats. I used to have stats on the old blog, but if I do on this one, I don’t know where they are and I’m better off not knowing – they freak me out.