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As We See It: The Turd Shall Blossom Again Edition

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They Love Me, They Really Love Me!


Rumsfeld: "I Find It Strange the Laws Apply To Me"


  1. Omnipotent Poobah

    I usually call him George Be-Otch.

    Imagine, a turd guilty by association.

  2. sumo

    Poor Mr. Hanky…he must be wallowing by now…

  3. Hhana&Dhana

    hhana:Oh Omnipotent One, we laugh with you!
    Dhana: We call him George Botch because his only success is the theft of the electorate!

  4. Omnipotent Poobah

    The post isn’t scary, it’s the reality behind it. Sort of the same principle as a dark ride at the amusement park. You get scared in the dark and you step back into the sunshine and feel better.

    Keep stepping back into the light. It’s the best way to fight the bastards!

  5. EL

    This is truly a scary post. The Rove thing, the pic of Bush … my eyes hurt! My soul hurts!

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