As We See It: The Hummer’s Running on Fumes Edition

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5 thoughts on “As We See It: The Hummer’s Running on Fumes Edition

  1. If Mexico were Iraq, we would have invaded already, to “liberate” its “oppressed” populace. And why haven’t we? The answer is in the dishroom.

    Notice that most of the pro-immigration people are the same people who fought the minimum wage. If you want to piss both sides off, and still look like a Solomanic hero, agree to the work visas…but under condition of minimum wage or better. When Big Business can no longer get a day’s labor for a sixpack of Corona, the problem will take care of itself…


  2. All very good. I feel there are more importante things to worry about than whether some Spanish version of the anthem gets any attention. That would be the last of our soldiers worries in Iraq compared to body armor and bombs going off everywhere. And Bush was so arrogant about what he said anyway.

  3. The whole Bush thing with the National Anthem is ridiculous! I was shocked to hear him so blatantly say what he said! Although it is better this way. Now if those damn Democrats would finally get a clue and jump down the jackasses throat for once! I should hold my breath though, huh?

    Poobah, thanks you for some laughter on a dark Saturday!

  4. Amazing about Bush and his BS with the National Anthem while at the same time speaking Spanish to woo voters. Christ.

  5. Bill Dana (Jose Jimenez) used to do a bit where he climbed a flagpole at a baseball game and was surprised when everybody turned to him before the game began, placed their hands on their hearts and sang, “Jose, can you see…?”