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As We See It: Democracy in Retreat Edition

Iraq Civil War: Mission Accomplished


Another day, another outbreak of sectarian violence in the cesspool we call Iraq. Shiites vs Sunnis in a tag team death match that would have done Andre the Giant proud. The warring factions are beginning to turn their attention away from the troops and back to their usual business of rubbing each other out.

The latest outbreak of violence has some observers worried that a full-fledged “civil war” is coming, though we’re not sure how you can tell civil war from normal behavior in that “budding democracy”. We are left wondering something else – could this be the “out with honor” the Bushies so desperately need.

Certainly a civil war would be bloody, messy, and a tragedy for Iraqis, but the one advantage it does have is taking the pressure off the Coalition of the Stupid. While the Iraqis are busy fighting amongst themselves, they’ll be too busy to worry much about the foreign infidels.

While the headlines scream about the violence, the administration can use the cover to pull the troops out – not cut and run mind you – but, gradually pull them out because a civil war means Iraq has reached the full flower of democracy. The Bush thinking would go, “Look at the US of A. We had a civil war and we turned out all right. We view this as a positive step in bringing democracy to the Middle East. And oh, by the way, we’re bringing home the troops because, by gum, our mission in Iraq is accomplished,” Bush will say in his withdrawal speech.

Hey, it could happen!