Tammy Faye Packs Up the Eyeliner

A big one dropped this morning when Harriet Miers (aka Tammy Faye) withdrew her SCOTUS nomination. Her resignation letter made it sound as if this was a titanic battle between the Executive and Legislative branches along the lines of what she might have had to rule on if she had gotten the seat. However, many are suggesting that the Senate’s demands for paperwork they knew Shrub wouldn’t release really was an orchestrated crisis to get the Bushster out of some of the hot water he’s been boiling in as of late.

So, Harriet packed up the old eyeliner and let her brilliant mentor off the hook. Chimpus Maximus said he reluctantly accepted the resignation, but we bet there was a little hootin’, hollerin’ and Texas Two-Steppin’ when he got the news. “I’m off the hook at last, off the hook at last, great God Almighty, I’m off the hook at last.”

The question now is where does Mizz Harriet go from here?

Perhaps she can replace Turd Blossom since it appears that tomorrow may be his last day on the job. Or maybe she can take Scooter’s spot over on Cheney’s staff. It seems there will be plenty of openings coming up, what with the expected Friday round of indictments coming and all. We’d love to see her become the Veep, but we shan’t allow ourselves to dream about that.

Maybe she could move over to Congress. After all, she has held a political office rather even if she had never been a judge. By golly, she would be positively overqualified by Bushonian standards – a crony with a resume item that actually matches the requirements of the position. How’s that for a bold new conservative agenda?

But there are still choices – the House or the Senate.

We’d bank on the House. There’ll probably be a seat opening up from her home state of Texas soon. Although the Senate might have an equally important spot when Frist goes down. Either way, we’re sure the White House would be positively orgasmic over either prospect. Another month or two of scandal and superfluous debate to keep the public’s attention off Iraq and the economy, coupled with virtually owning a leadership spot in at least one of the Houses would really boost his bold vision of more avarice, greed and hubris.

But what about the other “background noise” the President hears over the hum of his spin machine?

Perhaps Cheney and Rumsfeld can withdraw their support for Iraq. It would make a nice bookend to go along with Harriet’s withdrawal and complete the humiliation. Maybe the retooling of the retooling in Homeland Security and intelligence will dazzle everyone enough so they don’t notice the iceberg over the rail as they rearrange the deck chairs. The hubbub about Katrina has died down even if Brownie has signed on for an additional 30 days to completely snuff out any credibility on the FEMA front. Besides, Brother Jeb has already taken another bullet for Brother Dub by accepting responsibility for the growing Wilma mess – brotherly love always brings a tear to my eye. Since those problems are looking solved, Emperor Clothesless II can just ignore the economy, global warming, social security reform and a workable energy policy. We think he’d even have enough room to squeeze out a few days for another vacation.

Whaddaya think? Has Brownie signed on to help the administration? It sure sounds like it.

Just Call Us Joe

For those old enough to remember, there was a character in the Lil’ Abner comic strip named Joe Btfsplk. The vowel-challenged little guy was perpetually followed by a raining cloud as doom and destruction darkened his every move.

Just call us Joe.

Over the past year the Poobah’s Intergalactic Abode has been struck by a runaway moving van, which crumbled the garage and totaled a vehicle on its path of rampant destruction. There have been two deaths in the family. A backed up sewer caused the Great $6,000 Hole to be dug. We’ve needed several thousand dollars of work on our Petulant Poobahmobile, which we recently backed into with our auxiliary Poobahmobile. We’ve needed to purchase several large appliances, take the Omnipotent Pooch to the vet several times for injuries to her furry little ass, and suffered myriad other indignities on a near-daily basis. For us the last year has been, as Queen Elizabeth once said about the year her castle burned, “annis horribilius“.

But perhaps the most troublesome of all our woes was being laid off – or “made redundant” as our civilized British friends put it. A tight job market is not the place to land when you are a 50 year old Deity with waning powers of omnipotence and too much experience.

In the seven months since the layoff, we’ve attended job fairs, networked with dozens of friends and acquaintances and sent enough resumes that we need the omnipotent abacus to tally them all. We’ve been to dozens of interviews, which went swimmingly until it was time for the offers that never came. All the potential employers provided positive feedback on our performance and the “reemployment specialists” provided by our former employer all vouched for the fact that our qualifications are impeccable, our resume sound and our job hunting strategy is top notch.

All this turmoil is a bitter pill to swallow for someone who has always had exemplary performance reviews and has done their best to excel and insulate themselves from the vagaries of roller coaster economies. But perhaps an even bitterer pill is the one dispensed by our former employer. After taking nearly a year to decide what our final fate would be, they showed us the door while posting our existing job for someone else to take over. That job, now nearly seven months later, remains posted. Just another sterling example of corporate behavior at its best.

So now we spend long days searching for job leads, crafting resumes, taking innumerable interviews, avoiding all the other flotsam and jetsam of everyday life and spending time with you, our readers. Of all the time we spend on things these days, we consider the time we spend here as our most treasured and well spent.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

Oh yea… and if you no someone who needs a talented communications person in the SF Bay area, let us know. We’ll be eternally in your debt.

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