Being Right and Wrong at the Same Time

Birmingham demonstrationThe nation is emotionally raw today. Murders do that to people, especially when people choose up sides like a nightmarish game of dodgeball and try to hit each other as hard as possible with a ball filled with concrete. A little emotion is a good thing, but it doesn’t often solve problems any more than all the thoughts and prayers in the world do. If it did, the planet would be a utopia.

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Get Off My Lawn!

I have trust issuesI’ll be 61 in a few weeks. Getting older is making me cranky. I am becoming the old guy screaming at the kids to get off my lawn. But the thing is, sometimes the old guy is screaming at the kids for a good reason…the kids are being irrational, selfish, mean-spirited, willfully ignorant shit bags with an overdeveloped sense of entitlement and a persecution complex.

(Clears throat)

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A Road Trip with Jack

Roar TripI have cabin fever. I’ve been spending too much time jammed in a cubicle working a job that normally measures progress in negative numbers. Rain has kept me in and fatigue has prevented me from mustering the effort required to go in search of outside entertainment.

Today, I needed a road trip.

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